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Kansas City,
04:48 PM

Blood Test Could Detect Concussions

Study published in JAMA Neurology reports on a blood test that could distinguish more serious cases


Researchers report a possible breakthrough in diagnosing concussions. They found a simple blood test can detect evidence of concussion.

A concussion can happen in sports, a car crash or a fall. Right now, there's no definitive way to diagnose it.

"Concussion is a very challenging diagnosis in that we don't have a blood test, we don't have a radiology test like an MRI, a CT scan," said Dr. Greg Canty, a sports medicine specialist with Children's Mercy Hospital.

Dr. Canty also said the symptoms can mimic other conditions such as migraines or other headaches.


"Concussion is a very challenging diagnosis, in that we don't have a blood test, we don't have a radiology test like an MRI, a CT scan."
Dr. Greg Canty, Children's Mercy Sports Medicine Specialist

Now, promising research suggests a simple blood test can detect concussions. The test looks for two proteins or biomarkers that are present in brain cells. When the head is injured, those proteins get into the bloodstream.

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