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Kansas City,
03:00 PM

Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer and Children's Mercy Announce $3 Million Reasons to Hope


Braden’s Hope is a Kansas City based charity that raises awareness and funds for precision-based research to cure childhood cancers. They are excited to announce that they are awarding $3,000,000 to Children’s Mercy researchers in conjunction with The University of Kansas Cancer Center researchers to find therapies that shut down the activators of childhood cancers and bring children hope for a future.

Childhood cancer is the #1 killer by disease among children yet ALL childhood cancers combined receive less than 4% of the National Institute of Health’s budget. Braden’s Hope and its supporters understand that we must level the playing field for children with cancer. This is why Braden’s Hope is honored to invest in childhood cancer research right here in Kansas City.

Braden’s Hope will award three $1,000,000 research grants over the next three years to collaborative teams led by Children’s Mercy and The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Research studies at this level of funding will deliver an incredible impact toward finding cures for childhood cancer so no child has to hear the words “no known cure” as the organization’s namesake, Braden Hofen, did when he was just five years old.

Braden was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of 3 and given a 30% chance for survival for five years. His neuroblastoma relapsed at the age of 5 and Braden and his family were told that there was no known cure for his cancer and there was less than a 10% chance for a five-year survival. Three months after his relapse, Braden’s mom, Deliece was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Deliece had many precision-based (targeted) therapies for her cancer because research had been done and that hope existed for her. It did not for her son. This is when Braden’s family and friends decided that they needed to act and help bring hope to children with cancer. After a battle with a secondary leukemia, today Braden is in remission from both of his cancers and will turn 13 on September 9. TAKE THAT cANCER!

The hearts and hands of the people of Kansas City are working through Braden’s Hope For Childhood Cancer to benefit our local research institutions. Local businesses and individuals donate their time, energy, support, and dollars to benefit local research institutions to help children with cancer and that is truly an amazing gift of hope.

Please join us on September 1 from 8:15-9:30 for our formal launch of our $3 Million Reasons to Hope promise. The event will be at the Hyatt Conference Center in Lenexa at 8741 Ryckert St, Lenexa, KS 66219

Deliece Hofen, President of Braden’s Hope, Dr. Tom Curran, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Director of the Children’s Research Institute at Children’s Mercy, Dr. Roy Jensen, Director of The University of Kansas Cancer Center and nearly 200 volunteers and donors will be present to share in this momentous celebration.

Thank you for your kindness, support, and HOPE Kansas City!


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