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Kansas City,
06:12 PM

Home Ventilator Program Helps Girl Spend First Christmas at Home

Harrisonville family will be home for the holidays

From birth, Randi Winchel has been on a ventilator.

"She did two cries when she was born and that was all," said her mother, Heather Winchel.

Even before birth, doctors knew Randi had a condition called congenital hypophosphatasia. She lacks the enzyme to absorb calcium in her bones so they are paper thin. The ribs cannot support her chest for breathing on her own. Randi spent the first 17 months of her life in hospitals. That included her first Christmas and first birthday.

"I stayed with her. It was very difficult at first," said Heather.

This fall, doctors at Children's Mercy Hospital decided Randi could come home even though she still requires breathing support.

"We have this very intensive education process for the parents," said Dr. Winston Manimtim, a neonatologist.

See the full story via WDAF Fox 4.