Kansas City,
18:00 PM

7 Things You Should Know About Nurse Practitioners

Recently in our online newsroom and in Progress Notes, a blog article authored by an APRN during Nurse Practitioners Week was intended to educate parents about the role of the nurse practitioner as part of a tight knit, multidisciplinary team. Unfortunately, many readers saw it as a comparison of one role to another rather than showcasing the collaboration between physicians and nurses. In hindsight, we can understand that interpretation based on a few poorly chosen phrases. Whether through media coverage, advertising, social media content or daily employee communications, Children’s Mercy celebrates all of our nearly 8,000 colleagues and the expertise, compassion and dedication each brings to their roles and their commitment to providing every child the best level of care. We apologize to anyone who read the article as a slight to physicians or other caregivers. That was certainly not the intent, therefore we have removed the article from our newsroom and will be more conscientious in viewing content from all perspectives.