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Accident inspires family to promote lawnmower safety

Mowments Matter Flyer

On August 21, 2014, Emily and Austin Aronis experienced a parent's worst nightmare.

Their daughter Lana was 18-months-old. Her leg was run over by a lawnmower while at daycare.

"I wouldn't wish this is on anybody, not even our worst enemy. It's a terrible thing to go through," said Emily.

Lana's leg was severely injured and her parents had to make a tough decision.

"When we had to make the decision to amputate her foot, one of our biggest concerns is that we wanted her to be able to be like any other kid," said Emily.

Now, Lana is three-years-old. She wears a prosthesis but it does not stop her from staying active, such as taking swim lessons at the Wichita Swim Club.

"The way she's recovered from her injury to where she's at now, it just amazes us as parents," said Austin.

The Aronis family is on a mission to raise awareness of lawnmower safety. With the help of some friends, they created a campaign called "Mowments Matter."

Last year, Children's Mercy in Kansas City admitted 14 patients involved in lawnmower accidents. In 2014, the total number of lawnmower accidents was seven.

"(Lawnmower accidents are) 100% preventable. Little children have a love of mechanical things and they're fascinated by lawnmowers, particularly riding lawnmowers, which they view as toys," said Dr. Dale Jarka, pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

Jarka commends parents like Austin and Emily for starting a grassroots campaign to help others prevent this type of accident.

"I would like the incidents of them to be zero and that's possible. These injuries are 100% preventable," said Jarka.

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