03:15 AM

Are you willing to take the pledge?

More than 60,000 young children end up in emergency rooms every year because they got into medicine while their parent or caregiver was not looking.

Please take the pledge to keep medicines up and away and out of reach at home. When you finish, share it with your friends so together we can keep children safe.

I pledge to:

•Pick a place high up and out of sight that my child cannot reach where I can safely store my medicines and vitamins.

•Always put every medicine and vitamin away every time I use it, including those that I use every day.

•Always re-lock the safety cap on a medicine bottle.

•If the medicine has a locking cap that turns, I will twist it until I hear the click.

•Teach my children about medicine safety.

•Tell guests, friends and family about medicine safety and ask when they visit my home to keep their medicines up and away and out of sight.

•Program my Poison Center's number in my phone: 1-800-222-1222.

You can take the pledge at Upandaway.org.