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Becker's ASC Review: 145 Physician Leaders to Know | 2023

Becker's is thrilled to release the 2023 edition of its “Physician leaders to know” list.

The physicians featured on this list are exemplary leaders with deep clinical knowledge and experience. Many of them have assumed executive roles at hospitals, health systems or healthcare companies during their careers, while simultaneously serving as community board members or members of national organizations. As physicians, these individuals also bring clinical expertise to their leadership roles, providing them with a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the healthcare system. 

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Jennifer Watts, MD. Chief Emergency Management Medical Officer and Director of Global Health at Children's Mercy Kansas City 

Dr. Watts, an emergency medicine physician, serves as chief emergency management medical officer and director of global health at Children's Mercy Kansas City. She cares deeply about pediatric emergency medicine and disaster planning in global health. In 2011, she created the global health program at Children's Mercy Kansas City, and has gone on to train over 100 pediatric physicians in global health. She is also responsible for helping to restructure and rebuild emergency management at Children's Mercy during the pandemic. She and her team work to propel emergency preparedness on a local, regional and national scale.


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Emergency Medical Services at Children's Mercy

Emergency Preparedness at Children's Mercy