Kansas City,
09:48 AM

Cancer Genomics: Finding Answers Through Data and DNA

Approximately 10 to 15 percent of childhood cancer cases are due to a genetic predisposition. Children’s Mercy is searching within the genetic code to not only identify genes that may lead to cancer, but to find answers in how to better treat or cure pediatric cancer.

"I imagine that in another five years, we’re going to be doing clinical testing that’s going to focus on looking at individual cancer cells," said Dr. Erin Guest, Director of Cancer Genomics at Children’s Mercy. "If we can really understand what’s going on in each cell and how that changes over the course of months for a patients cancer, and if we can get down to the single-cell level where we can just do a blood test that’s going to cut back on a lot of invasive type procedures for patients and make such a huge difference for their care."

Dr. Guest discusses the growing role of cancer genomics and how big data, new tests, and personalized treatments could change the future of pediatric cancer treatment in the podcast "Cancer Genomics: Finding Answers Through Data and DNA."