02:00 AM

Children's Mercy hosting the ''Coach It Right'' coaches' basketball clinic

Children's Mercy, in partnership with the NAIA, is hosting the "Coach It Right" coaches' basketball clinic on Saturday, October 12.

The "Coach It Right" coaches' basketball clinic is from 8:30 a.m. to Noon at the University Academy, 6801 Holmes, KCMO. The clinic is free for all coaches.

Greg Canty, MD, Medical Director of the Children's Mercy Center for Sports Medicine, will speak on "Preventing Knee and Ankle Injuries." Other presenters will include Coach Rick Torbett, who will speak on "Positionless Basketball and Player Development," and Kristin Gillette, Director for the NAIA Champions of Character, whose presentation is titled, "Coach with Character."

For more information about the clinic, and to register click on "Coach It Right!" at http://www.championsofcharacter.org/kcclinic