Kansas City,
10:36 AM

Children's Mercy weight management team plants garden to give back

Happify Commitee

A team known as the Weight Management Happify Staff gets together for planned group activities to enrich their staff that also align with the department's strategic goals. On a sunny day in April, the Weight Management Happify Staff Committee decided to start a garden that will help give back to the community in more ways than one. 

The committee partnered with Sharon Goldstein, Community Partner Gardens Coordinator from Kansas City Community Gardens, to make it all possible. Goldstein helped with the planning of the garden and taught the team how to maintain it for the future.

The new garden can be found in front of Children's Mercy's Don Chisholm building.

"The garden we planted will be used in our evening group program, to teach the kids and their parents about how they can grow their own food and sustain a healthy urban garden," said Amy Papa.

The committee will donate the fruits and vegetables they grow to the families in their programs.

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