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CNN: In #MeToo era, a call for more scrutiny of doctors who get arrested

doctor in handcuffs
By Elizabeth Cohen

A Miami hospital's decision not to suspend a pediatric surgeon who was arrested on felony charges is renewing questions about whether hospitals are doing enough to keep patients safe from doctors who may have committed crimes.

The doctor was arrested in December and accused of "cybersnooping" on his now-ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors accuse him of logging into her home security cameras almost daily -- sometimes several times a day -- without her permission or knowledge, according to an arrest warrant.

If Knight really did cybersnoop on his ex-girlfriend, that raises "red flags," said Dr. John Lantos, director of pediatric bioethics at Children's Mercy Kansas City. "If he's a voyeur, will he be harming patients?"

The experts contacted by CNN said that even with the criminal investigation, it's still the hospital's responsibility to try to find out whether Knight had issues at work.

If Knight did what he's accused of doing, Lantos said, he'd be concerned about him being given access to patients, and the hospital needs to ask questions.

"Is he the sort of person we want on our hospital's staff?" asked Lantos. 


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