03:05 AM

E-Cigarette use triples among teens

Some shocking statistics on E-Cigarettes. The number of teens using them has skyrocketed, tripling since 2013.

Students said they see the E-Cigs all the time.

"There are people who will stick them in the sleeves of their sweatshirts and hid them there because there is not a cloud of smoke," said Jordan Elder who attended Park Hill High School.

Doctor Jennifer Lowry is concerned. Lowry said teen are being duped into believing E-Cigs are safer than regular cigarettes.

"They are not getting the harmful chemicals from the conventional cigarettes, but what they are getting is an unknown amount of nicotine, high amounts of nicotine, higher than what's actually in conventional cigarettes," Lowry, a physician at Children's Mercy Hospital, said.

What's more, Lowry said the E-Cigarettes are also highly addictive and dangerous.

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