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Fox 4: Service dog bringing smiles, comfort to sick kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital

By Kerri Stowell


They say dogs are man's best friend, but at Children's Mercy Hospital, Hunter the service dog is everyone's best friend.

Taylia Vannicola lights up when Hunter walks her way. The golden retriever is a bright spot for the little girl diagnosed with leukemia and going through her second round of chemo treatments.

Hunter received special training in Atlanta and was specifically chosen for this position at Children's Mercy. Now, he makes the rounds five days a week, wearing a special vest and visiting as many as 10 patients a day.

He's especially tired after playing with little Taylia. Thankfully, her doctors believe her treatments are working and she'll be in remission soon. Until then, at least one more round of chemo -- with Hunter by her side.


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