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Good Morning America: Boy makes friends with hospital staff across street using Post-it notes

Meyer's art

By Aryana Azari

All it took for one boy in the hospital to make some new friends was a pack of Post-it notes.

Meyer Mixdorf, 5, from Arkansas, was at Children's Mercy Kansas City hospital for brain cancer-related treatment when his mother decided he needed some cheering up. Confined to his room for a few days after a stem cell transplant in May, Meyer's mother, Liz Mixdorf, decided to entertain him by making Post-it art of a smiley face on the window.

The next morning, they found that a building across the street had responded with a smiley face of their own.

"We called them our mystery friends," Liz Mixdorf said. "It was so fun."

Although the Mixdorfs didn't know it, across from them was Truman Medical Centers/University Health.

"I was just kind of looking out the window and there was a little Post-it note smiley face up there," Johnna Schindlbeck, a Truman Medical Centers employee, told "GMA." "I thought it was cute and grabbed some notes and put up a little winky face."

The back and forth communication through Post-its continued and evolved into more elaborate designs, including Mario characters, Angry Birds, Ninja Turtles and Minions.

"I thought, 'Oh wow, this escalated fast,'" Schindlbeck laughed, and added that other hospital staff joined in to help create the art.

Initially, neither side knew who was on the other end until Mixdorf decided to put up a note that read, "Thank you <3 mom."

"If this little art makes him happy, gives him something to look forward to, and it makes his mother and his family know that other people care ... it was so rewarding for me to see," Schindlbeck said. "I was just at the right place at the right time to be part of something that was so simply beautiful."

With Meyer's latest MRI showing no sign of disease, according to Mixdorf, the family will soon be heading back home and taking Meyer to the zoo as a treat.


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