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Healio: Most rheumatologists view Down syndrome-associated arthritis as synonymous with JIA

By Jason Laday

In a survey of adult and pediatric rheumatologists, 73% reported that they view Down syndrome-associated arthritis as the same disease as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, with 94% stating they use NSAIDs as treatment, according to findings published in Pediatric Rheumatology.

“Traditionally, those with Down syndrome-associated arthritis have been approached similarly to patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, however, there is emerging evidence that [Down syndrome-associated arthritis (DA)] maybe different than JIA,” Jordan T. Jones, DO, MS, of Children’s Mercy Kansas City, in Missouri, told Healio Rheumatology. “Therapies for JIA have been used to treat DA with mixed results due to medication effectiveness and toxicity, but it’s unclear what most providers are using or their approach to treat DA.”

To analyze current practices among pediatric rheumatologists, including diagnosis and treatment, regarding Down syndrome-associated arthritis, Jones and colleagues surveyed a group of providers using an online survey. 

Participants included adult and pediatric rheumatologists, as well as fellows-in-training and nurse practitioners specialized in pediatric or adult rheumatology. The researchers received a total of 89 unique responses.

“We now know that the vast majority of pediatric rheumatologists view DA and JIA as the same and their approach is similar to each disease,” Jones said. 


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