Kansas City,
15:12 PM

Heart Month Highlights: Heart failure and transplant program first to join international registry


The Children's Mercy Heart Failure and Transplant Program was the first approved to join the International Pediatric Heart Failure Registry, a collaborative database that can be used to study important questions facing this patient population. 

"We believe participation in this registry is the best way to reach the volume of patients necessary to scientifically investigate pediatric transplant and heart failure issues," Dr. Aliessa Barnes said. Dr. Barnes is the Medical Director of Cardiac Transplantation for the Ward Family Heart Center at Children's Mercy.

The Children's Mercy program also is a member of the ventricular assist device database, PEDIMACS, and is an active member of the International Pediatric Heart Transplant Study. Dr. Barnes just completed a term on the Board of Directors for the International Pediatric Heart Transplant Study/Foundation. She and her colleague, Brian Birnbaum, MD, are both beginning important prospective trials for new investigational medicines.

In addition to participating in research to expand the field, the heart failure program is going to be piloting an adapted version of the Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program (CHAMP) application applying the PC tablet to track data on critical patients waiting for heart transplantation at home. The application will track clinical, imaging and laboratory data allowing real-time trending and interventions to decrease clinic visits, hospitalizations and complications. 


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