Kansas City,
15:25 PM

How a “Gentle” helping hand helps our imaging experts care for your kids

Halloween seemed like the perfect day to treat you to information we’ve been sharing with area providers about the importance of pediatric-specific imaging.

With 24 pediatric-trained, board-certified radiologists, and specialized staff, our Children's Mercy team is focused solely on kids — from infants to young adults. Our experience performing more than 180,000 procedures each year helps us deliver superior diagnostic information. Here’s how:

  • We “child size” to reduce radiation up to 80 percent compared to adult facilities by using Image Gently® and our pediatric-specific protocols. Protocols are based on the child’s size and weight, and we consider the body part to be imaged (thickness and tissue composition).
  • Our on-staff PhD medical physicists calibrate, test and verify equipment to provide the highest quality images with the least amount of radiation.
  • Finally, we get it right the first time, reducing the need to re-image for a better scan.

We appreciate parents and referring physicians choosing the only pediatric imaging experts in the Kansas City region to make sure your patients receive the highest quality and safest imaging possible.

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