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Iola Register: Delta spike haunts local family

Connor McCullough at Children's Mercy

By Vickie Moss

Jessica Tanner worries her son will be infected by COVID-19 again.

He barely survived the first time.

Connor McCullough, age 12, was diagnosed with the coronavirus in late January.

A healthy boy with no underlying issues, Connor almost died from contracting COVID when a few weeks after he became infected, it triggered a rare disease known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

His condition deteriorated to the point where he experienced cardiac distress and nearly died, his mother said.

His heart was damaged, forever changing his health.

Connor has been unable to return to school and his activities are severely restricted out of concern that he might get re-infected.

After his hospitalization at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, Connor returned to in-person classes in Humboldt. But his recovery was difficult, and he was unable to remain in school.

“His body went through a traumatic event. He’s still healing,” Tanner said.

Connor plans to attend the next USD 257 board meeting to share his experience in hopes of convincing members to adopt a mask mandate.


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