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Kansas City Live: The healing power of art

Scribe gives a behind the scenes look at creating his one-of-a-kind characters

Scribe with mural

Children's Mercy artist Scribe is loved by so many in our community with artwork displayed not only in Kansas City, but all over the world.

Scribe recently had the opportunity to walk Kansas City Live host Joel Nichols through his creative process, taking ideas and creating images for families and employees to enjoy all over the walls of Children's Mercy. 

At the beginning of his process, Scribe allows his mind to wander using a pencil-like tool to brainstorm ideas on a digital sketchpad.

"We do a lot of digital stuff here at the hospital because it's good for maintenance. We can go back and fix it a whole lot easier. It allows for some speed and you know, infectious control issues you can't always use certain chemicals around kids so this is why we've started doing things digitally here," Scribe said. 

Scribe draws all of his characters individually, followed by painting his backdrop. He then flattens it out into a picture and starts printing it kind of like wallpaper, which then acts as a giant self-adhesive sticker.


Watch Scribe's creative process via KSHB's Kansas City Live

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