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Kansas City Star: Should you cancel your spring break trip? Coronavirus has KC area vacationers on edge

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By Lisa Gutierrez

Bernie Winston just got back from spring break in Florida with her college-age daughter, and the new coronavirus was never far from her mind. She took disinfectant wipes and scrubbed their luggage, their seats and tray tables on the plane, just about everything they touched on the trip.

She and her husband and daughter walked along Fort Lauderdale’s famous spring-break beaches. But Winston wouldn’t get into a swimming pool and skipped her daily workouts to avoid the germs in the gym.

She wouldn’t eat any piece of fresh fruit because she’s not quite sure how the coronavirus is spread. (Experts say it’s usually spread person-to-person by droplets from infected people coughing.)

Spring break 2020 coincides with the coronavirus public health emergency around the world. It has rattled some local students and parents who are reconsidering and canceling plans because they’re worried about getting the virus while they travel, especially internationally.

Some Kansas City groups have called off overseas mission trips over the next few weeks. One local family headed to Europe for vacation last week posted a photo showing nearly all the seats on their flight were empty.

“We have had a lot of phone calls around folks traveling internationally, and worried about their domestic travel,” said Angela Myers, a physician and pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children’s Mercy. She is with the hospital’s International Travel Medicine Clinic that helps families prepare for trips outside the country.


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