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KC Business Journal: Connecting KC, Butler does 'what you're supposed to do: help others'

By Lily Lieberman

Marshaun Butler is determined to leave a legacy.

That unwavering commitment to making an impact is clear in her role as vice president of clinical support services and chief diversity officer of Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas.

It’s also visible in her devotion to her community. Butler holds many prominent board seats and has used her connections to help guide youth into leadership positions.

Butler insists that “serving others” is all she knows.

Butler grew up at the corner of 43rd Street and Benton Boulevard. Her dad worked on the assembly line at Ford. Her mom was a teacher in the Kansas City school district.

In the summers, Butler’s mom shuttled her and her brother more than 100 miles down Interstate 70 to Boonville, where her grandparents lived. Those summers in a small town showed her the importance of giving back and supporting her community — and it gave her the confidence to take the lead.


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