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KC Business Journal: For KC Philanthropy, A Little Give And A Lot Of Take

By Ellen Cagle

Children’s Mercy is bracing for a dip in philanthropic revenue at a time when health care is in dire need of support.

“On a national perspective, we are anticipating a 30% decrease in philanthropic gifts for the coming year, just based on the economy and the COVID crisis,” said Jenea Oliver, senior vice president and chief development officer of the hospital’s fundraising team. “Will Children’s Mercy see that same percentage of loss? I would hope to think not. But we are preparing for that.”

In a survey of Kansas City-area nonprofits, more than 80% said they would experience a decrease in revenue as a result of the coronavirus. Nonprofit Connect, the local organization that conducted the survey, reported that organizations anticipated losing an average of 31% of revenue this year.

Even as the economy is largely halted, many nonprofits have seen a surge in demand, and they have devoted more resources toward helping people affected by COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Children’s Mercy started an emergency coronavirus fund with a $350,000 goal. The money will go toward patients’ families and hospital employees.

“Fifty percent of our patient families are already on Medicaid, and so when they have a financial situation occur where one or both of their family members are without jobs, it makes it even more difficult,” Oliver said.


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