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KC Parent: What Inquiring Parents of Teens Want to Know

By Christa Melnyk Hines

Parents of teens have questions. For advice on topics ranging from pandemic concerns to wise decision-making, we turned to Kansas City experts for answers to some of our most pressing questions.

Respecting Others

How can I make sure I’m teaching my sons to respect women and minorities?

The most important way to teach our children to respect women and minorities is through modeling this respect in our own words and behavior. This includes demonstrating respect consistently, but also includes labeling disrespect, prejudice and other negative behaviors and attitudes when you and they observe them in others in daily life, in current events and in entertainment.

"Biases are ingrained in our culture, therefore, can be invisible unless specifically called out. Be aware and label your own bias as well. Are you more nervous if the person walking down the street behind you is an ethnic minority? Consider why this might be and work to challenge these reactions." ~ Sara Gould, Ph.D., psychologist, Children’s Mercy, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Health


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