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KCTV 5: 4 Kansas City nurses save man's life while on European vacation

Nurses save man's life in Austria

By Nathan Brennan

Four Kansas City nurses are back at work after a vacation they won’t forget.

At a 13,000 thousand-foot elevation inside a European cave, a man experienced a heart attack, turning their vacation into a matter of life and death.

“There wasn’t a single one of us that was trying to hold back or didn’t want to help,” Angelique Short said.

The group of Children’s Mercy Hospital nurses said they have been friends for a couple of years, but the four decided to take a foreign vacation together for the first time. What seemed like a relaxing trip took a quick turn.

The nurses said the man just seemed tired at first. Shortly after he sat down, they heard a number of screams. Fallon Olf was the first to respond.

“I had my hand on his neck, feeling for a pulse,” Olf said. “Then I was screaming at the girls that he doesn’t have a pulse.”


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