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KCTV 5: Liver transplant recipient reunites with transplant team who saved her life 14 years ago

By Joe Chiodo

Kailyn McMillin's story has been decades in the making.

She was recently reunited with the doctors at Children’s Mercy who saved her life 14 years ago. Now, they are all coming together to share the importance of organ donation.

More times than not, McMillin’s journey has crawled by. From the ages of just two months old to 19 years old, she was a patient at Children’s Mercy. However, at certain times, such as this reunion, her journey seems as if it’s flown.

“Gosh, you look so healthy,” said Dr. Jack Daniel, director of liver transplantation at Children’s Mercy.

The two had not seen each other for 14 years. KCTV5 News was there for their reunion.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“32!” McMillin replied.

Daniel saved McMillin's life after walking her through her journey and diagnosing her liver failure. Hundreds of appointments, dozens of scares and many complications happened along the way.

(From left) Dr. Jack Daniel, Kailyn McMillin, Gail McMillin (Kailyn's mother) and Vicki Fioravanti, RN, Transplant Coordinator.


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