Kansas City,
16:43 PM

KCTV 5: Zippers now helping in fight against COVID-19 for healthcare workers

By Amy Anderson and Chris Oberholtz


There are thousands of healthcare workers in the Kansas City area who go home to their families every night worried that they’re bringing the coronavirus into their homes.

Now, a local pediatrician is working to try and protect them and to alleviate at least part of that stress for them and you can help.

"Anybody that takes care of COVID-19 patients. I want your scrub top and we’ll put it in. This is free of charge," pediatrician Maggie Koos said.

Koos is not in direct contact with the virus much but says she couldn’t stand watching the visuals every night on the news of healthcare workers pulling their scrub tops off.

Anyone in contact with COVID-19 is eligible.

Koos has already set up scrub collection bins at Children's Mercy and Truman hospitals and hoping to expand.


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