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KMBC 9: Doctors calling healthy outcome a 'miracle' for twins

Family delivered healthy monoamniotic monochorionic twins with teamwork between Children's Mercy and Truman Medical Center

Hedden Family

It's always a roller coaster of emotion for new parents. But imagine expecting identical twins and facing tremendous obstacles. Doctors are calling what happened to this family a miracle.

Dori and Sky Hedden were pregnant with mono-amniotic twins - the babies had separate umbilical cords - but the shared the same amniotic sac.

This happens once in every 60,000 pregnancies and it's a high-risk condition because the umbilical cords can become tangled cutting off blood supply.

"Actually getting to hold them it was like oh my gosh," said Dori Hedden. "I didn't think in a million years that I would get to have that moment."

For ten weeks Dori was hospitalized at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City - constantly monitored knowing her babies were at risk.

"They had projected they would stay in the NICU for weeks just because they would be delivered early," said Dori.

But on Tuesday, at 36 weeks, tiny Franklin and Ralph surprised everyone. They entered the world perfectly healthy - no heart problems and none of the complications standard with this type of pregnancy.

"When they finally came out, hearing them scream was the most amazing feeling you can ever imagine," said Sky Hedden.

"We always have to be prepared for the worst," said Dr. Devika Maulik. "Or the best. And we got the best."

Truman Medical Center is connected to Children's Mercy on Hospital Hill. A team was standing by to transport the twins if there were complications.


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