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KMBC 9: Elite Comics holds shopping spree for families at Children's Mercy

Elite Comics Shopping Spree

By Alan Shope

This is the 11th year of the Elite Comics superhero shopping spree for families at Kansas City's Children's Mercy Hospital.

Elite Comic store owner, William Binderup doesn't wear a cape, but he has got some serious superpowers of his own. For the last decade, he's bought $178,000 worth of holiday gifts.

"So this way they don't have to worry about going to find a gift. They don't have to pay for the gift. They don't have to wrap the gift," he said.

It's all to help ease the holiday stress for families with kids in the hospital. Superheroes shop and then families at Children's Mercy Hospital get to pick out what they want from the holiday store there.

"The parent picks out what their kid wants, wraps it, and it comes from them, not us," he said.

Binderup spends the entire year collecting and raising money for this event. It's more than $28,000 worth this year.


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