Kansas City,
13:29 PM

KSHB 41: Allergy season picks up as weed pollen enters the air around Kansas City

By Charlie Keegan

The itchy, runny nose of fall allergy season is hitting the Kansas City metro area now. One day last week, Kansas City, Kansas, ranked third on a pollen hot spot tracker.

Data is now available that shows pollen levels in real time on an app called AccuPollen. The app uses data from Children’s Mercy to update users on what to expect outside.

Dr. Bridgette Jones, an allergist at Children’s Mercy, said right now ragweed pollen is entering the mix. She said grass and mold pollen from the summer is still lingering. So people who suffer from both mold and weed pollen are getting hit on two fronts.

“We'll have a few weeks where the counts are really, really high and people are really, really miserable. And then they'll start to decline after it starts to get cold. Once we have a couple of major frosts, then those pollen counts are gone,” Jones explained


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