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KSHB 41: Children's Mercy using app to update parents during surgery

By Jordan Betts

When it comes to our kids, we will do anything for them. But, when they become sick, we feel absolutely helpless.

So, Children's Mercy is trying to keep parents fully involved when it comes to their kids' procedures and surgeries with an app called EASE.

For the Crusha family, this was their first time using the app as they were waiting for their daughter Sophia to get out of surgery.

On Wednesday, Sophia was having a cardiac catheterization. This is to help her in the long run and give her a normal life.

You could call it the medical version of Snapchat.

Essentially the provider in the room is able to send updates to the parents own phone and those updates disappear within approximately 60 seconds," said Stacey Gibson, a nurse practitioner in the Children's Mercy Heart Center.

But, the app doesn't just alert parents.

"I think the other thing with us there's lots of family that are praying and wanting to get updated at the same time. So, we were able to send invitations to them. So, it's like we are all here in the waiting room," said Crusha.

They are making sure parents feel they are right in the surgery room.

Right now, the hospital is just conducting a trial run, but they hope to have it in every part of the hospital soon.


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