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KSHB 41: Diagnosing, treating autism spectrum disorder

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By Charlie Keegan

Meghan and Brad Schow first noticed something different about their son, Ben, when he was 2 years old. But it wasn’t until pre-K when teachers suggested they get him tested for autism spectrum disorder.

The Schows decided to go through a professional assessment. It then took another year before they got the diagnosis.

“I feel for those families that are seeking answers and have to kind of play the waiting game a little bit. We were really fortunate to get in within a year,” said Brad Schow, who’s a pediatrician at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Leaders are highlighting the need for more pediatricians and psychologists who can conduct autism assessments so no family has to wait a year for results.

“There are states where you have one, maybe two, developmental pediatricians,” explained Dr. July Jean Cuevas, a developmental behavioral pediatrician. “Some children have to travel across state lines just to get that service. That is a big barrier.”


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