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KSHB 41: Research done at Children's Mercy leads to changes for acne drug Bactrim

Zei leaves Children's Mercy

By Grant Stephens

You might remember a Kansas teen who spent 457 days at Children's Mercy Hospital fighting a severe lung condition.

KSHB 41 shared Zei Uwadia's journey in 2018.

Uwadia made it home from the hospital in 2019, but died not long after.

Two of her Children's Mercy Hospital doctor's research into her case never stopped and now it's led to a new warning for families.

Zei's mom, Brie Kerschen, remembers feeling uneasy about her daughter's reaction to the antibiotic, Bactrim.

"We all had this gut feeling like something's not right, but there was no evidence to support it," she said. 


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