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KSHB 41: Sporting KC gives Children's Mercy patient moment under the lights

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By Megan Abundis

Sporting Kansas City fans were welcomed to Children’s Mercy Park on May 31 amid a rain delay against FC Dallas.

Seventeen miles away, Children’s Mercy Hospital on Gillham Avenue has been 14-year-old Uale Sua’s home for the past three months.

“I’ve been stuck in my room for the last couple of weeks, so getting to look outside of my room is pretty amazing,” Sua said.

Children's Mercy set him up with his own set of wheels called REX (Robot Experience).

Sua could be connected to fans while he controlled the screen, camera and wheels from his hospital room.

Sua's second cancer battle isn’t stopping him from exploring what he loves.

He went through multiple rounds of chemo and radiation, even with the possibility of amputation.

“This time around he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia,” said Numia Sua, Uale’s Sua's mom. “If you meet Uale, he doesn’t complain even when he’s in pain.”

Golf, rugby, basketball, wrestling and football were his sports of choice.

“He was playing sports all the way up until he was diagnosed,” Numia Sua said. “He is a very, very athletic kid."


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