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Missouri to fund some home assessments for kids with asthma

Sometimes, the biggest dangers to your child are right in the home. The state of Missouri will soon provide funds to see that dangers for some kids with asthma are found there so they can be eliminated.

 "How long ago was the last time there was a water leak?" Anita Didonna asked Laraina Jordan.

The Healthy Home team from Children's Mercy Hospital has come to Jordan's home looking for villains like dust, pests and mold. They're things that could worsen asthma in Jordan's 6-year-old daughter, Ameena.

"A big concern because asthma, of course, we know can kill children," said Jordan.

The team finds the century-old house holds a lot of moisture, especially in the basement.

"We're gonna help you alleviate that," said Didonna to Jordan as she pointed at water on the floor.

It's moisture that creates mold. Signs of what the team calls chronic moisture are in the bathroom, too. The team also spots air freshener, another possible trigger.

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