Kansas City,
16:51 PM

Non-Invasive Way to Detect Colorectal Activity

Manometry has long been the standard to measure colorectal activity, but it’s a lengthy and invasive test. Doctors at Children’s Mercy Kansas City wanted to know if there was a better, non-invasive way to monitor colonic activity. The search for an answer led to a promising innovation. Along with a scientific partner,  Dr. John Rosen, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, developed a device that monitors colorectal activity using electrical bio-impedance with electrodes on the skin.

To hear Dr. Rosen discuss colonic monitoring, his pre-clinical findings, and the potential the new device holds to make colorectal activity detection more accessible to patients listen to his podcast Is There a Non-Invasive Way to Detect Colorectal Activity?

Dr. John Rosen, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
The device that we developed has the potential to be like this cardiorespiratory monitor, but for the intestine. If we could continuously monitor the intestine, in a more objective way; then we could know what action to take to provide the best care.
Dr. John Rosen, Pediatric Gastroenterologist