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Public News Service: New STAND program provides relief for some diabetes patients

A new program began in early January that lets children who have been newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes avoid a hospital stay. It's at Children's Mercy, and it's called "Strategic Transition to Ambulatory New-Onset Diabetes Education," or STAND. 

Ryan McDonough, pediatric endocrinologist, and co-director of the Children's Mercy Diabetes Center, said instead of admitting newly-diagnosed patients, those ages five or older and their families will receive education and training on how to maintain healthy blood glucose levels in three outpatient visits at the Children's Diabetes Clinic. 

McDonough explained that families and patients already are in shock once the diagnosis is made, so they don't need the added strain of having to be hospitalized.

"Because if you can imagine being admitted to the hospital when you're already dealing with a brand new chronic lifelong condition, it's very, very stressful," he said. "We're seeing some success for families who are not having to stay overnight in the hospital."

Children's Mercy currently is treating about 2,400 children with diabetes and an additional 250 to 300 cases are diagnosed each year. McDonough said in most cases, parents are able to be taught the skills they need to treat the disease in a clinic instead of having their child hospitalized.

No other hospitals in the region are using the STAND program.


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