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Some allergy sufferers turning to drops instead of shots for relief

It's a bad time of year for allergy sufferers. Tree pollen and mold are causing lots of symptoms. Some people are treating their allergies with drops under the tongue instead of shots.

It's a long list for Paul Winkeler.

Winkeler said shots helped, but spring and fall were still pretty rough.

He decided to try oral immunotherapy. Drops are placed under the tongue. He does it himself three times a week.

But an allergist at Children's Mercy Hospital isn't sold on the drops.

"I would question whether the doses they are using are adequate enough to actually create the immunological change they're hoping for. Because they're letting patients do it at home, they're starting with very, very low doses, much lower than what we use for injection," Dr. Chitra Dinakar said.

The drops are not FDA-approved yet for efficacy or safety. 

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