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Teen's Dystonia symptoms go away months ahead of schedule

A 15 year-old girl who had surgery for a condition called dystonia has made such a quick recovery that it’s even surprised her doctors.

Autumn Nelson had the surgery in April at Children’s Mercy. The disease had left her with tremors, especially in her left arm.

Muscle spasms she had in her left arm and hand two months ago are now almost completely gone. Her mother said she’s noticed an improved outlook, too.

“I just love how light she seems now,” said Tiffanie Nelson, Autumn’s mother.

Improvements that had been expected to take between six months and two years have happened in record time.

Autumn has an implant in her back that leads to electrodes in her brain. She showed off the wire that connects to a battery back.

Dr. Brian Aalbers said Autumn’s quick progress has been rewarding.

“Having a meaningful impact on a kid’s life is probably the best thing ever, so especially a kid like Autumn, she’s just amazing,” he said.


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