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The Kansas City Star: Angry moms say Disney film's menstruation talk not appropriate

By Lisa Gutierrez

In Disney/Pixar’s new animated film, “Turning Red,” a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian girl named Mei Lee comes into puberty and turns into a giant, furry red panda whenever strong teenage emotions overwhelm her.

Brief references to menstruation in an animated film apparently are a bridge too far for some parents, because “Turning Red” has kicked up heated debate.

Menstruation can be an uncomfortable, awkward topic for parents, even, as it turns out, for some physicians. 

“To be quite frank, even though I talk about this every single day with moms and young girls, teenagers, adult women, I even get a little bit of the flutter thing, like I hope I don’t say something wrong, I hope I don’t offend anyone because this is such a formative time in patients’ lives,” said Dr. Ashli Lawson, a pediatric and adolescent gynecologist at Children’s Mercy. 

“Everyone remembers where they were when they got their first period, what their mom had told them, what a teacher had told them, and there’s just so much emotion surrounding it.”


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