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U.S. News & World Report: Managing the Medically Complex Child

U.S. News Live Presents:

Webinar: Managing the Medically Complex Child

Children with complex and chronic medical conditions like diabetes, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease and neurological issues represent less than 10% of the population covered by Medicaid, though they account for some 40% of such spending, according to the Children’s Hospital Association. 

The care involved for such wide-ranging conditions often requires an array of clinical specialists and coordination across many health disciplines and in the community, raising costs and increasing the stress on families and patients. 

How can children’s hospitals and care providers use population health tools to manage patients with complex conditions? What lessons can be learned and applied from data sharing across disciplines? Hear from a panel of experts, including Dr. Margaret Wright from Children's Mercy Kansas City, who can share the latest innovations being employed at children’s hospitals across the country to make managing medically complex care more effective.


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