Kansas City,
15:43 PM

Diagnosing And Treating Food Allergies Now And In The Future

Q&A with Dr. Chitra Dinakar

In a melting pot society there are new cultures to explore including new foods to try and new ways to prepare them. This can also leave the door open for new allergic reactions that patients of all ages may not even be aware they had.

Chitra Dinakar, MD, FACAAI, from Children's Mercy Hospital discussed how treatment of food allergies has progressed in recent years during the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology in San Antonio.

Peanut allergies are a common concern in the public, especially in regards to children. While the number of children with this allergy continues to grow the work to help keep them and the people around them safe also has increased in recent years.

Unlike the treatment of other conditions, as the prevalence of food allergies continues to grow there appears to be no stopping the rise in the numbers of these patients. How doctors can help them in the future can determine a great deal about their quality of lives now and in the future.

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