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Dr. Donna Pacicca named a Top Doctor in 435 Magazine

Q&A: Dr. Pacicca touches on health and what's to come in orthopedics

Dr. Donna Pacicca

Choosing a doctor can be stressful. Finding a specialist can be even more frustrating, especially if you're facing a scary diagnosis. Physicians from the local medical community recently selected Dr. Donna Pacicca as a top doctor in the Kansas City area. Dr. Pacicca is an orthopedic surgeon at Children's Mercy and had the opportunity to give her perspective on a few key topics with the magazine:


There’s a lot of really good data and a lot of information coming out that’s really exciting so that we could potentially design more effective programs for injury prevention. I would like to put myself out of business.

On the Horizon

The real holy grail in orthopedics is trying to come up with cartilage replacement. There’s a lot of promise. There’s a lot of innovations going on that actually would work. Right now, everything we have doesn’t work very well. It’s like patching a pothole. This is something where you could actually make the pothole go away so that it would integrate. There’s a lot of promise that’s out there.

Health Tip

Balance is everything. Exercises that make you balanced and challenge lots of different muscle groups are really important. Everything we do is about balance and the coordination necessary that goes along with it.

Best Way to Die

Quickly and with dignity. A long, drawn-out death seems really awful. Death is just not a pretty thing.


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