Kansas City,
10:28 AM

Fox 4: Eric Berry Foundation & Kansas City help stock Snowflake Shoppe at Children's Mercy

Children's Mercy's Snowflake Shoppe is up and running again this year thanks to the generosity of groups across Kansas City.

Thursday Eric Berry, the Eric Berry Foundation, Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City, Nick and Jake's and others dropped off more than 5,200 toys, $2,300 in gift cards and $18,000. The donations will be used in the hospital's Snowflake Shoppe and throughout the year.

"I know that feeling, being in a hospital on Christmas day, to see it come to life repeatedly, I know how the kids are going to feel, so thank you Kansas City," Berry said, recalling the time he spent fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma in December 2014.

Jenea Oliver, Vice President of Philanthropy at Children's Mercy, said because of the generosity and dedication of the Eric Berry Foundation, parents will be able to go handpick toys, gift cards or electronics for their child in the hospital and their siblings.

"It's so important for our families to spend all their energy on their kid's health. Many of our families, the parents, grandparents have been sitting by the child's bedside for days, in some cases weeks, in some cases months," said Oliver.


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