Kansas City,
10:13 AM

Fox 4: From the streets to Children's Mercy, one KC artist's murals are making a difference

By Kerri Stowell

One local starving artist has found a way to turn his hobby into a career and bring smiles to sick children at the same time.

Donald Ross' story starts on the streets with his distinct murals, popular in the Crossroads Art District, a few blocks from Children's Mercy Hospital.

"I used to work for a sign company, and I was here doing some installation," he said. "Someone from facilities pointed out that I was covered in paint because I was a muralist, and he said I should look more presentable. I teased him back and said I'd like to see more murals or better murals around here."

Ross got his wish -- and a new job in Children's Mercy's maintenance department, painting the walls cream.

Fast forward 15 years, now Ross spends all his time creating cartoon characters with bold, bright colors. He hops from one Children's Mercy campus to the next, designing and redesigning areas in need of a little TLC -- including ambulances.


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