Kansas City,
10:00 AM

Good Day Kansas: Social Work

By Jillian Carroll

In today’s Health Matters segment with Children’s Mercy I had the chance to meet Samantha Jacob. She is part of a critical element of the comprehensive care provided by Children's Mercy, the Social Work department. Part of the social work department’s mission includes providing care for the patient that makes them feel like they are more than just a diagnosis or disease. Samantha and her team provide support to not only the patient but their whole family as well. Social workers support basic needs of children and their families including mental health needs. Support and services often times focus on the difficulties that stem from transportation and logistical planning for appointments at any of the facilities in Wichita or Kansas City. Other services the Children's Mercy Social Work Department offers include home health services, mental health referrals, and developmental services. Samantha and the Social Work Department are an excellent example of the high quality comprehensive care Children’s Mercy provides for Kansans.


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