Kansas City,
08:06 AM

How the CHAMP App is Helping Change Lives

CHAMP® (Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program) is a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team that has been built to meet the needs of some of the most complex patients: babies who are born with single ventricle heart disease and are in the critical inter-stage period between the first and second stages of surgery.

Parents are provided a tablet PC that has the CHAMP app to enable nearly-instantaneous in-home monitoring and to improve communication with their care team during this vulnerable time.

"The parents’ role is really, really important and we know that these parents are extremely stressed," said Dr. Haley Hancock, The Ward Family Heart Center, Children's Mercy. "If we think about just taking a healthy baby home, that’s stressful. So, taking home a baby who has had a significant heart surgery and we are looking to that next heart surgery at around four to six months; that time period is so crucial. We really have to support these families and it’s really important that they are engaged with something that works for them to be able to monitor what these patients are doing at home." 

Dr. Hancock discusses why the CHAMP app was developed and the outcomes in the podcast "How the Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program (CHAMP) is Helping Change Lives."