Kansas City,
13:46 PM

iFamilyKC highlights Children's Mercy Child Life program

Facility dog Hope & handler Allison

When you think of a hospital, it’s not the type of place you’d usually rush to spend a lot of time in but it’s a place that we all value and appreciate. Last Friday I got to experience something magical and have the inside scoop of Children’s Mercy Hospital, a place many parents have had to enter at least a time or two. The Children’s Mercy hospitals and clinics make our city a better place for residents of the greater Kansas City metro area but many of us are clueless to the vast array of services that they provide.

Children’s Mercy Child Life Program 

Were you aware that Children’s Mercy offers a Child Life Program? It’s an unforgettable program for families who utilize the service. Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the Child Life program and other services provided by Children’s Mercy Hospitals. I also wanted to highlight some of the beautiful things I witnessed and acknowledge the hard work that Children’s does on a daily basis. This is just a glimpse of their program – it would be impossible to accurately capture all that the hospital does on a continuous basis in one blog post. My hope is that you will grow to appreciate them as much as I have.

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