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KCTV 5: Children's Mercy competes in "Touchdown for Kids!" Challenge

Touchdown for Kids Health

By Mark Poulose

The four remaining NFL playoff teams are not the only teams competing this weekend and beyond. Children’s Mercy is competing in the “Touchdown for Kids!” Challenge with other children’s hospitals across the country.

The Challenge pits the children’s hospitals in the four remaining NFL cities (Kansas City, Cincinnati, Philadelpha, and San Francisco) in a competition to raise the most money for pediatric heart research. Each hospital has a goal of raising $15,000.

“Our continued focus is on genomics -- understanding the human genome in children,” said Children’s Mercy CEO Paul Kempinski. “By understanding it, that understanding will lead to new treatments, and the treatments will lead eventually to cures of rare diseases, many of which can come about through congenital heart disease.”


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