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KCTV 5: Device gives Amish teen second chance at life


By Sharon Chen

A teen from Jamesport, Missouri, needs a new heart.

At 17-years old, Daniel Troyer suffers from cardiomyopathy. His heart is dying. Most patients like Daniel must endure long hospital stays while waiting for a donor, but Daniel is living a near-normal life.

“I mean, yeah, I have energy and I can pretty much do what I want,” said Daniel.

Two weeks ago, it was a very different story. Daniel could barely walk.

But, thanks to a new device at Children’s Mercy Hospital, he has a new lease on life.

“It’s keeping the blood flowing,. It’s getting the blood to my body. So, more energy,” said Daniel.

The device is called the Heart Mate 3, it’s a Ventricular Assist Device or VAD.

“It removes the blood from his heart to pump it to his body, so his heart doesn’t have to do the work,” said Dr. David Sutcliffe.


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