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KMBC 9: New Netflix movie "To the Bone" has area doctors concerned

Dr. Kathryn Pieper

Doctors are issuing a warning about a new Netflix movie coming out July 14th.

The movie “To the Bone” stars Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves – and it centers around eating disorders.

Doctors at Children’s Mercy are very concerned about the film’s message. They think watching this film on Netflix by yourself could be harmful – especially if you’re dealing with an eating disorder.

Dr. Kathryn Pieper is speaking up about “To the Bone”.

“The hope is that talking about this movie before it’s released – it will put this movie on the radar screens of family members and loved ones who can say, you know, I know you’ve probably heard about this. If you feel like you must watch this, let’s do this together.”

“It can set them back. It can result in lapses in their recovery, or relapses. And it can really trigger some very negative behavior,” said Dr. Pieper.

Doctors want you to be in front of the conversation before the movie comes out. Also – talk to your friends and family members before they see it.


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